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Can I close a sequence and book profit?

Yes, you can stop and withdraw your funds anytime you desire.

Can I close an active trade?

You cannot close an active trade. If you win the current level you can either continue in the sequence or book your profits.

Can I open more than one sequence at a time?

You can open multiple sequences at the same time and maximize your chances of winning

Can I refer friends and traders I know and make commissions?

Yes, we have a very generous referral and partnership programs. Please contact us.

How can I withdraw my profits?

You can withdraw your profits through the same funding method you chose for funding your account.

How fast can my profits be withdrawn?

Money can be withdrawn at any time, after the sequence profits are booked, through the same funding method you chose for account funding.

Is Sequence Trading safer than Forex?

It is safer when it comes to probability, for example, if you deposited $500 in Sequence Trading, you get to trade 33 times, while in forex, your equity can be lost in 1 or 2 or 5 trades, depending on many factors.

Is Sequence Trading similar to Binary Options?

No, Sequence Trading is neither like nor like Binary Options, it’s pure forex with a different backend structure.

Is trading done in a certain timeframe like Binary Option?

No, there is no timeframe, Sequence Trading depends on certain pips, not timeframes.

What is Sequence Trading (SQT)?

Sequence Trading is a new way of trading; it enables trades to trade using the minimum possible risk against the highest ratio of profits

What is the difference between Sequence Trading and Regular Forex Trading?

In Sequence Trading, the maximum risk you have per sequence is only $15, while in Forex, your risk per trade can be your entire equity.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit size is $50.

What is the minimum to start a sequence trade?

The minimum to start a sequence trade is $15

What really defines the winning level?

+20 pips at each level

What’s is the maximum trade size I can start my sequence with?

To reduce your risk and allow profits to algorithmically amplify at each level, we capped the maximum size of the trade entry for each new sequence at $30.

Why is EUR/USD pre-chosen as the main pre-set trade in sequence?

A Single Currency Pair (EUR/USD) is pre-chosen to guarantee deep liquidity, low volatility, and less distraction. Stay tuned other trades will be released soon.

Will there be a pre-chosen crypto trade option?

The team constantly examines the best pre-chosen trade options that guarantee minimal risk and maximum return. Crypto options will be released soon stay tuned.